Providing Turnkey Properties, Management, & More

At Turnkey Properties, we’ll get to work so you don’t have to. You’ll find everything you need to invest in a rental property, all in one place.

Our remarkable turnkey process helps you own real estate in Memphis and Little Rock without forcing you to learn how to acquire, rehab, finance, or manage the property yourself.

Invest Wherever You Live

Our mission is to provide investors worldwide with opportunities to invest in stable, cash-flowing, turnkey real estate passively. We provide excellent customer service and thorough renovations, reducing vacancy, maintenance, and investor risk.

Our formula for success is simple:

  1. Provide high-quality, renovated houses in good areas around Memphis and Little Rock.
  2. Rent the homes to create sustainable cash flow for you.
  3. Operate the property in your best interest using our 5-star property management service

Why Turnkey?

For Newbies & Veterans

“Whether you’re a newbie or veteran real estate investor, Memphis Turnkey Properties can help you find a rental property that will help you achieve your goals.”

Joe S.

Fantastic Experience

“I had a fantastic experience working with Turnkey Properties! Their team is organized, patient, helpful, cheerful, and extremely responsive.

Between the systems they have in place, their transparency, and the smooth handoff with the property management company, I can say this was a great experience!”

Steve S.

Why 2 Markets?

In the past, investors came to us, developed a relationship, and purchased all their investment properties in one market.

When real estate prices were low, this strategy made sense.

As the housing recovery evolved and prices gradually rose, investors became more strategic with their acquisitions by spreading their portfolios across several markets.

Investing in two markets helps you build a risk-averse real estate portfolio; if one market sees a downturn, it won’t affect your entire portfolio. This makes sense for our investors and us.

We started in Memphis in 2007, and in 2012, we decided to expand. With markets across the country oversaturated with turnkey providers, we expanded to Little Rock, Arkansas, pioneering turnkey investments in the area.

Why Memphis?

Simply put, Memphis is on the map as a cash flow market. Memphis makes sense because:

  • Acquisition price vs. rental amount is favorable for excellent cash flow
  • Low property taxes
  • The linear market provides a steady cash flow
  • Favorable landlord laws
  • Acquisition price vs. rental amount is favorable for excellent cash flow

The Backbone of the Economy

Memphis is one of only three U.S. cities served by five Class I railroads: Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Canadian National, Union Pacific, and CSX.

All have identified Memphis as a high-growth market for intermodal traffic, and four have invested significantly to expand the capacity of their terminals.

Memphis is served by two national interstate highways: I-40 and I-55. These interstates provide:

  • North-south and east-west access across the country.
  • Connecting ports.
  • Gateways.
  • Other major distribution centers.

I-40 and I-55 are being supplemented with two additional interstates, I-69 and I-22, and a regional interstate bypass to increase highway capacity for the coming decades.

I-22 will be an important route connecting Memphis to Birmingham and Atlanta when completed.

I-69 will extend from Canada to Mexico, passing through Memphis. It’s the so-called “NAFTA Highway,” and identified as a “Highway of National Significance.”

Memphis has more than 400 trucking companies enabling local operations that provide easy access to local, long-distance, truckload, less than truckload, and specialized freight options.

Located less than 500 miles from the mean center of the U.S. population, Memphis is well-positioned to serve a major portion of the country. You can reach 36% of the country overnight and nearly 70% by the second day.

Bottom line: these are well-paying jobs that provide the backbone of our economy. The 4 R’s (railway, roads, rivers, and runways) are here to stay!

Massive Investments Are Happening Now

The Memphis market is experiencing a commercial boom with $4 billion worth of “major recreational, medical, educational, tourism, and lifestyle-oriented projects” that are either recently completed or currently in progress.

These projects will significantly affect Memphis's economic growth and quality of life.

Why Little Rock?

Why Invest In Memphis and Little Rock?

Look Forward to Buying More

“I continue to be impressed with the Turnkey Properties team! We have purchased two turnkey properties in Little Rock and both times they have provided a great house at a great price and with great property management.

They have been consistently professional and responsive during the purchase and property management phases, and we look forward to buying more.”

Jeff M.