Providing Turnkey Properties, Management, & More

At Turnkey Properties, we’ll get to work so you don’t have to. You’ll find everything you need to invest in a rental property, all in one place.

Our remarkable turnkey process and our team will show you how to own real estate without forcing you to learn how to acquire, rehab, finance, or manage the property yourself.

Fantastic Experience

“I had a fantastic experience working with Turnkey Properties! Their team is organized, patient, helpful, cheerful, and extremely responsive.

Between the systems they have in place, their transparency, and the smooth handoff with the property management company, I can say this was a great experience!”

Steve S.

For Newbies & Veterans

“Whether you’re a newbie or veteran real estate investor, Memphis Turnkey Properties can help you find a rental property that will help you achieve your goals.”

Joe S.

Invest Wherever You Live

Our mission is to provide investors worldwide with opportunities to invest in stable, cash-flowing, turnkey real estate passively. We provide excellent customer service and thorough renovations, reducing vacancy, maintenance, and investor risk.

Our formula for success is simple:

  1. Provide high-quality, renovated houses in good areas around Memphis and Little Rock.
  2. Rent the homes to create sustainable cash flow for you.
  3. Operate the property in your best interest using our 5-star property management service

Why Turnkey?