We will be the first to say that turnkey is not for everyone. Turnkey is not for individuals looking for the lowest cost of entry into owning real estate or those who want to be actively involved in the day to day decisions that can come with owning Income Property. Our goal is to reduce our investors risk by offering thoroughly renovated homes designed to reduce vacancy and maintenance during the first few years of ownership. Thoroughly renovated means addressing deferred maintenance items, replacing Capex items on the back end of their lifespan and adding upgrades that will attract tenants into our homes. These renovations on average cost $30,000 per property.

Our definition of Turnkey means all services under one umbrella, including Property Management. Having In-House Management creates a long-term relationship between the Turnkey company and the Investor. Turnkey provides the opportunity to create a long term relationship which create accountability, goal sharing, accessibility across the Management and Turnkey company. Also, since most investors grow their portfolio’s over time, taking care of the client creates the opportunity for us to be apart of their growth in real estate.

Our Turnkey business model provides our clients the opportunity to own real estate, but do not have the time, expertise or desire to be a property acquirer, rehabber, financier or Property Manager.