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The first question you may have is, why purchase a turnkey home? We will be the first to say that turnkey is not for everyone. Turnkey is not for individuals looking for the lowest cost of entry into owning real estate. There is a premium that comes withpurchasing a turnkey property from us, not because of an inflated margin, but because turnkey buyers seek consistent cash flow that can only be obtained when buying a property that is rehabbed correctly and to a high level. When we acquire a property, our rehabs are very extensive so that we can offer homes that will minimize maintenance the first few years, thus maximizing cash flow.

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Providing our investors a home where we cut corners, ignore deferred maintenance items, install cheap builder grade products, leave older roofs on homes or leave an HVAC system beyond its lifespan, just so we can offer a lower-priced home with higher ROI, is not in the investor’s best interest. The result will be a happy investor at first, but eventually the maintenance will catch up, thus making it difficult to be profitable.

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The answer then to “Why Turnkey?”

Turnkey is designed for those who want to own cash flow real estate, but do not have the time, expertise or desire to be a property acquirer, rehabber, market expert, financier or landlord that comes with a huge set of rolls. Turnkey is also designed for those living in markets where cash flow opportunities do not exist or are few and far between. We have the business model in place for those investors to own cash flow properties.

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Once you decide that turnkey is for you, then a team and company philosophy is the next point to consider. We believe we have the right philosophy and team to help you meet your real estate goals.