The Turnkey Difference

Every year, we use our streamlined Turnkey business model to purchase, rehab, and offer more than 200 cash flow investment properties in Memphis and Little Rock.

From contracting to property management, we’ll make the property investment process convenient for you.

What Does “Turnkey” Mean?

“Turnkey” is a commonly-used word in the property investment industry that describes providing properties to investors with additional services. Our goal is to take turnkey to the highest level for you, the investor.

Turnkey is not for everyone. It’s not right for you if you’re:

  • Looking for the lowest cost of entry into the real estate market.
  • Want to make the day-to-day decisions involved with owning income property.

Turnkey is perfect if you’re looking to invest wisely in multiple real estate properties and want to delegate the details to our 5-star team.


We’re your premier, one-stop location for property investment services. Invest with us and you’ll enjoy:

  • Sustainable cash flow from high-quality investment homes in Memphis and Little Rock
  • Attentive & effective property management
  • Helpful customer service geared towards your best interest

Premier Turnkey Providers

We believe this is what it takes to be a premier turnkey provider:

  • No tenant placement fee for your first tenant after purchase
  • Provide the highest quality property to minimize hassles for investors and maximize cash flow through thorough renovations.
  • Have a clear business model and plan from start to finish.
  • Run a professional business prepared to service our investors and meet their long-term real estate goals.
  • Develop long-term relationships with our clients and always be accessible.
  • Be the local real estate advisor for our clients, alerting them to pertinent information within our market.
  • Provide excellent property management and customer service to our tenants and investors.