Attract Qualified Tenants

Several factors must come together for a property to provide you with consistent cash flow, but the renovation is the most crucial, setting your property up for long-term success.

Our renovations focus on increasing your cash flow by creating great-looking properties that attract tenants and help them stay.

Better Than the Rest

Equity achieved by doing the bare minimum renovation will almost always be taken back as reduced cash flow through excessive maintenance and higher vacancy that comes with competition.

Good homes attract qualified tenants, while dated homes attract the rest.

At Memphis Turnkey Properties, we ensure your home is putting its best foot forward to attract qualified tenants.

Here are just a few standard items addressed in our rehab that reduce maintenance and vacancy:

High-Traffic Areas

We use vinyl plank flooring instead of carpet in high-traffic areas. While vinyl plank can be more costly, it's highly water-resistant and durable and lasts longer than carpet.


Roofing is the most significant capital expense you will face as a property owner, so we replace any roof with less than ten years of remaining lifespan.

HVAC Systems

Memphis and Little Rock are warm, humid, sub-tropic areas, so A/C systems are used more often than furnaces.

We evaluate the system upon acquisition but typically replace them around the seven-year mark.

Home Exterior

Curb appeal is critical to attracting a qualified tenant to your home quickly.

We improve the exterior through paint, siding repair, landscaping, and other necessary improvements.


Plumbing will be your #1 expense as a real estate investor.

To minimize this cost in almost all cases, we replace shower heads, faucets, valve connections, p-traps, older washing machines, exterior valves, older lavatories, and hot water tanks older than seven years.

Electrical Panels

We update fuse boxes to account for the increased use of electronic devices, save you from future capital expenditures, and prevent disruptions in your tenants' day-to-day living.

Increase Aesthetics

The above items are great for reducing maintenance, but we also add features to improve the look of the property so that tenants will see it online, schedule an appointment, and want to make that house their home.

Some of these items include:

Kitchen Updates

We bring life back to outdated kitchens with updated countertops, high-quality kitchen faucets, updated cabinets, brushed nickel hinges and knobs, new flooring, lighting fixtures, sinks, and dishwashers (where applicable).

Bathroom Updates

We aim to provide a clean look by replacing damaged tub and shower surrounds, vanity replacements, updated lighting, and new mirrors. We reduce maintenance through new faucets, replacing old lavatories, and supply line connections.

Ceiling Fans

We install high-grade, aesthetically pleasing fans to the main living space and primary bedroom.

We do this as part of our overall process of giving our home an edge over competing rental homes in the area to place a qualified tenant quicker.