Less Maintenance & Vacancy

The renovation is what sets your property up for success.

At Turnkey Properties, our goal is simple. We renovate our homes to at or above current market standards.

Through the renovation, we’ll provide a great-looking home that will attract a qualified resident quickly and provide that resident with a better living experience through less maintenance. That’s a win for both the resident and you, the investor.

Thoughtful Renovations

Over the years, through learning experiences of our own personal portfolio and the 1,000+ homes we've renovated, we’ve refined our renovation process to continually improve.

While each home we renovate gets its own scope of work to address specific needs, we’ve thought out our Full Turnkey Home specs to reduce vacancy and maintenance.

Turnkey cashflow properties


Carpet is one of the higher costs investors experience upon resident turnover. At Turnkey Properties, we use vinyl plank flooring instead of carpet, because it’s more durable, water-resistant, and makes smaller rooms feel larger.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

We bring life back with nice aesthetic finishes to outdated kitchens and bathrooms, as these tend to be most important when attracting residents to apply for your home.

Plumbing & Electrical

This is where a big portion of the renovation is spent. All plumbing and maintenance items are addressed.

Such items could include new toilets, supply lines, faucets, shower stems and valves, all plumbing valves, appliances, tubs, under-the-house plumbing, electrical panels, ceiling fans, switches and outlets, and much more.

Sewer Lines

Over the past three years, we’ve seen more sewer lines needing to be replaced, thus now sewer inspections are part of our normal renovation process of older homes.

Our plumbing contractor will run a camera down the main plumbing drain to evaluate whether or not the sewer line needs to be replaced.


The interior of all homes gets a three-color paint scheme. Walls get a soft color coat, trim, and doors are painted with semi-gloss, and ceilings a flat white.


Curb appeal is critical to attracting a qualified resident.

We improve the exterior through paint, siding repair, landscaping, removing branches over the house (which can cause expensive repairs if not addressed up front), and fence and driveway repair.

HVAC Systems

Our markets are located in warm, sub-tropic areas where A/C usage is far higher than furnaces. We evaluate the HVAC system upon acquisition and make a decision to replace based on our goal of no-CAPEX expenses for the first five years.


Because of the large capital expenditure of a new roof, we replace any roof that our roofing contractors say will not last ten years.