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Alex Craig Returns to AM600 for a 5th time.

It’s official, Alex is now part of the 5 timers club on Jo Garner’s radio show. Jo and I talked about the impact and strategy of buying real estate as mortgage rates rise. A question we sometimes get in our initial consultation, “Is it still worth investing if my cash flow is not where it was a year or 2 ago?” The short answer is “Of course it is. What other investment is secured by a tangible object that provides multiple returns.” By multiple returns, I mean, cash on cash, tax deductions, equity pay down, appreciation and hedge against inflation. If you have talked to us enough times or followed us, you know we preach getting as many properties as you can and paying down the mortgage as financial freedom and consistent mailbox money happens without debt. We hit on this topic on our podcast; check out the link below to tune in to the archived podcast.


Alex Craig Returns to AM600 For an 4th Appearance — October 2017

What a great way to spend my 41st birthday then spend a hour with Jo Garner on her AM600 Radio Show, “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe.” This was my 4th appearance on her show, which is something I always look forward to doing. This show we talked about financial habits, well really, habits in general that successful real estate investors have.

I am looking for the next time being on Jo’s show, which will be my 5th appearance and part of the 5 Timers Club (a play on SNL for the SNL fans out there!)

Check out the podcast.

Investing with Turnkey Properties in Little Rock

Jeremy Veldman talks about investing in Little Rock turnkey. Little Rock’s diversity of industry includes government, health care, education, and military and Arkansas could be the most landlord-friendly of all 50 states. Landlords aren’t even obligated to make repairs. Little Rock Turnkey rehabilitates a property, places a qualified tenant, puts the property under management, and then sells it to you. It is expected that this “turnkey” property produces cash flow for you on Day 1.

Using Leverage to Buy Real Estate

Alex Craig joins Joe Garner on AM600 to talk about where to look to find the golden goose properties that make you money. How to build your wealth with real estate and where can you find buy rental properties that make a positive cash flow and how do you know when it is a good deal.

Turnkey Renovation Process with Curt Davis and Alex Craig

Turnkey Renovation Process with Curt Davis and Alex Craig

podcastcrtdavis020smallerfinal“In this episode of Investor Talk Radio I talk with my good friend Alex Craig who is also a local turnkey provider in the Memphis, TN market. We discuss the process that goes into how we determine what repairs and upgrades will be made for our properties that we sell to investor buyers. Would an investor who is purchasing a property sacrifice $25 in monthly cash flow and 1%-2% in ROI to purchase a property with a better renovation with more improvements, or would they rather save a little on the price and still get a good renovation, just not as good as the alternative. All this and more will be discussed!! ”

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