Improving Our Communities Through Real Estate

Through real estate investing, we're improving people's lives and our communities.

Little Rock Turnkey Properties

Neighborhood Impact

At Turnkey Properties, each time we buy and renovate a home, we do more than simply provide a wealth-building opportunity for our investors. We’re also improving communities.

In most cases, the home we acquire has been neglected for years and is the worst home on the street. Blighted property has lost its value as a social good or economic commodity or its functional status as a livable space, which is terrible for neighborhoods.

Through our investment into these homes, we bring up property value and, through placing a qualified resident, put that home back to use.

Vendor Impact

Through our renovations and property management, we hire workers in our communities, including general labor, plumbing, roofing, HVAC and electrical contractors. On average, we are paying out over $5,000,000 to these trades.

This impact allows us to secure the most competitive pricing for our investors when we repair maintenance issues with their homes.

Investment Properties
Investment Properties

Resident Impact

Unfortunately, many bad landlords and property managers have zero care for the individuals that live in their homes. By providing nice housing and excellent customer service to our residents, they can drive up each day to a place they’re proud to call home.

The impact of not having to worry about unscrupulous landlords and property managers provides suitability in not only the lives of our residents but the investor who owns the home when the resident stays longer.

Team Impact

We've been fortunate to grow each year through our loyal clients and by simply executing our game plan. With 200 renovations, 400 real estate transactions 2,000 + properties under management, we have a payroll each year over $1,000,000.

Each team member feels a direct incentive to make investors profitable and create memorable experiences for our residents.

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