Right Property, Right Markets, Right Property Management

We help investors worldwide build their real estate portfolios in Memphis and Little Rock. Our streamlined Turnkey business model lets us purchase, rehab, and offer more than 200 cash flow investment properties a year.

You’ll find all your investment services under one roof at Turnkey Properties. From purchasing and renovating the perfect property to placing a qualified tenant and superior management—we’re here for you.

The Turnkey Process

Our remarkable and seamless process gives investors a stress-free purchase because we do all the work to get you from consultation to contract to close.

How Does It Work?

If you want to invest in property, but the thought of time constraints, financing, and renovations feel overwhelming, we’ll make this easy.

Our streamlined Turnkey business model lets us purchase, rehab, and offer more than 200 cash flow investment properties a year.


We find properties that fit our criteria and personal investment philosophy and move forward with purchasing. This is the inventory we offer to our investors.


We renovate the property to the spec of the type of property we sell. We design our renovations to reduce maintenance and vacancy, maximizing your cash flow.

We back all our renovations with in-house warranties and to one of our core values of “Doing the Right Thing, 100% of the Time.”

Resident Placement

We market the home and place a qualified resident. Nice homes rent faster—it’s just that simple.

We will also underwrite to put residents in place according to our placement requirements.

Property Management

We’ll handle the day-to-day activities of your home so that you don’t have to. We’ll oversee your property with our 5-star, in-house property management services.

Because we’re investors in an extensive portfolio of homes, we clearly understand why it’s important to only get the best, high-level property management.

Distribute Rent as Income

Each month, we’ll distribute the positive balance into your account via ACH.

Ongoing Support

The Turnkey Property transaction is not a one-time transaction. We value the relationship, so we’ll be your local real estate advisor, and we’ll hold ourselves accountable for the management decisions we make on your behalf.

We’ve walked several of our clients through the entire process of buying, holding and eventually selling.

Why Turnkey?

It’s simple. We do all the work so that investors from around the world who don’t have the time to build a real estate team or the expertise to purchase, renovate, and manage homes can own turnkey investment properties.

Our Turnkey model lets you piggyback on our combined 137 years of experience in the industry by providing investment opportunities in our markets.

Local Real Estate Worldwide

Just because you don’t live in a real estate market that can provide sustainable cash flow does not mean you can’t build wealth through real estate.

Through our Turnkey Properties, we work with investors from around the globe helping them build their investment portfolio using our proven system.

Our Team Is Your Team

When you come aboard with us, you’re plugging into our Investment Team and network of Realtors, wholesalers, closing attorneys, conventional, commercial and private lenders, CPAs, insurance agents, contractors, and laborers.

From contract to close, we’ll make the whole investment process convenient through our excellent communication and accountability.

“Turnkey” Defined

“Turnkey” is a common term the industry uses to simply describe offering multiple services.

To us, “Turnkey” means much more than offering properties to investors and all the supporting services. Yes, it’s offering you those services, but it also means we set you up for success.

Benefits—Reduce Your Investor Risk

Our goal is to use our 15-year experience as a Turnkey Property provider and real estate investor to reduce your risk.

Turnkey is a commonly-used word in our industry that can have different meanings and levels of services. We believe that buying a Turnkey Property should come with premier benefits and it is these benefits that set us apart.

In-House Warranty

Although we renovate each home thoroughly to our specs and our clients order third party home-inspections, that doesn’t mean maintenance issues never come up.

Turnkey means a lot of things, including accountability. Each of our properties comes with its own in-house warranty that’s signed by all parties at the time of the contract.

No 1st Resident Placement Fee

Property managers charge a lease-up fee to cover the cost associated with placing residents. The costs are in the form of marketing, signage, software, leasing agent commission, and general overhead associated with leasing activities.

Part of buying our Turnkey Properties is waiving the 1st lease-up charge, thus providing higher cash flow on Day 1.

Resident Placement Warranty

Upon purchase, in most cases, the home is already rented or has a lease signing date established. However, if that’s not the case and your home sits vacant for 60 days after purchase, we’ll start paying your mortgage.

Accountability & Relationship-building

Oftentimes, when you work with a Realtor® and stop purchasing, the relationship stops building. Accountability ceases to exist, too, because there is no in-house management.

Property management is the marriage that brings accountability after the sale. We’ll build a long-term relationship together and be your real estate advisor through the entire life cycle of owning investment homes.