What Our Investors Say

We love our clients, and they love us, too! Hear what real investors have to say about their experience with our team at Turnkey Investment Properties.

For Newbies & Veterans

“Whether you’re a newbie or veteran real estate investor, Memphis Turnkey Properties can help you find a rental property that will help you achieve your goals.”

Joe S.

Look Forward to Buying More

“I continue to be impressed with the Turnkey Properties team! We have purchased two turnkey properties in Little Rock and both times they have provided a great house at a great price and with great property management.

They have been consistently professional and responsive during the purchase and property management phases, and we look forward to buying more.”

Jeff M.

First Investment Property

“Turnkey Properties assisted me on my first investment property and it has been a great experience. The team was very helpful, professional, and responsive.

The system they have in place guides you from the property evaluation and selection all the way to closing. I’m looking forward to working with them again.”

Marco G.

Fantastic Experience

“Their team is organized, patient, helpful, cheerful, and extremely responsive.

Between the systems they have in place, their transparency, and the smooth handoff with the property management company, I can say this was a great experience!”

Steve S.

Renovate With Quality

“Since purchasing my property with Memphis Turnkey Properties, I’ve had 0% in vacancy and around 2% in maintenance, so when they state their renovations are done with quality, they mean it!”

Kaleb M.

SUPER Responsive

“We've had great experiences with Memphis Turnkey so far. The team has been SUPER responsive, attentive to any concerns we have had, and organized with files, timelines, etc.

We recommend them 100% and look forward to our next transaction with them!”

Jessica S.
memphis turnkey properties for sale

Featured Client

Name: Henry J.
Occupation: Product Development
Family: Wife with 2 children
Properties Owned Nationwide: 7 total nationwide. 2 through Memphis Turnkey in their Memphis market and looking for more soon.

Best Customer Service & Product

“I visited 4 other Turnkey providers in Memphis and felt you all provided the best customer service and product. I liked the quality of rehab of your houses as well as the property selection.

The best part about working with Turnkey Properties is the time they invest. Working with a Turnkey provider, I do not need to find a contractor, source deals, or decide what to put into each property—they did the work for me.”

Transparent Property Management

“I found the best customer service and product in Memphis with Turnkey Properties. I’m 18 months into my investment with CB Properties, and tenant placement has been wonderful.

I like how my Account Manager sends me an email right when there is a maintenance issue letting me know what the problem is and what needs to be done.

When the maintenance issue is complete, I can go to my portal, see the vendors invoice and any materials he may have bought, plus before and after pictures of the repair.

You all are the only Property Manager that I work with that is clearly transparent on your maintenance cost.”

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