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Our company provides fully renovated single- and multi-family properties in Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR to real estate investors. Our Turnkey model is to acquire properties in strategic areas, renovate them to retail standards, place a qualified tenant, and manage the property for our clients.

We believe the secret of success for maximum cash flow is combining quality renovated properties, located in strategic areas, with professional property management.

Our business model enables ownership of cash flow properties for investors who may not have excellent cash flow opportunities in their own market or simply do not have the time, desire, or expertise to be rehabbers or landlords. Simply put, we have a team in place to do all the work, while you receive the monthly rental check with as little involvement as you desire.

We are licensed real estate agents, licensed property managers and experienced real estate investors with ownership of 40+ homes in our markets looking to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

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Full-Service Real Estate Investments in Memphis and Little Rock. Right Property, Right Markets, Right Property Management


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Customer Service

Our Turnkey Company and Property Management Company have committed to delivering excellent customer service on a daily basis. We constantly strive to find ways to improve and to exceed our clients' and tenants' expectations.

"...delivering excellent customer service is the single most important aspect of our business"

In a detailed Zillow report on tenant retention, 68% of tenants indicated that bad customer service was the #1 reason why people move out of their homes. With this knowledge, and with the objectives of renting out homes and keeping vacancy rates low, delivering excellent customer service is the single most important aspect of our business.
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We understand the responsibility we have as managers of our clients' investments, which is a responsibility we take seriously. We owe to our investors, who are mostly out of state, to provide excellent customer service on a daily basis.

Client of the Month

“I visited 4 other Turnkey providers in Memphis and felt you all provided the best customer service and product. I liked the quality of rehab of your houses as well as the property selection…”

Henry J, Memphis Turnkey Client
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