Memphis Turnkey To Be Featured on William Shatner’s ‘Moving America Forward’

Memphis Turnkey will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Moving America Forward”- hosted by William Shatner.  The Television show features a Select Group of America’s Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are working to move America forward after the last Great Recession.  Alex Craig and Jeremy Veldman join William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn (‘The People’s Court’) to discuss how Memphis Turnkey is helping to “Reclaim America” through the redevelopment of distressed properties into GREAT Homes, and creating opportunities for investors across the globe to invest in Memphis.

This video shows clips of Alex and Jeremy in Malibu, CA- the day of the taping. The show is currently in production and scheduled to air sometime in the summer of 2013.

The recent housing crisis has led to a record number of foreclosures all across America.  Memphis Turnkey helped solve the housing crisis in Memphis by purchasing distressed properties, redeveloping them into Quality homes, providing opportunities for people to live in GREAT homes, and selling these homes to investors all around the country seeking solid Cash Flow Investment Opportunities outside of their local markets.

Memphis, TN is RED HOT right now for Real Estate Investment Opportunities after recently being ranked #1 by The Wall Street Journal for Buying Single-Family Investment Properties.  In times of economic crisis, it is the entrepreneurs and small business owners who lead the way by taking risks in hopes of a better future.

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