Talking Successful Habits of Real Estate Investors on AM600 w/ Jo Garner’s “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe” Weekly Show

What a great way to spend my 41st birthday then spend a hour with Jo Garner on her AM600 Radio Show, “Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe.” This was my 4th appearance on her show, which is something I always loook foward to doing. This show we talked about financial habits, well really, habits in general that successful real estate investors have. Some of these we talk about include:

* Seems like a no brainer, but so many fail here.Making smart financial decisions such as living within your means, not over extending yourself on an car and unnecessary credit obligations
* Surround yourself with the right people that will help you accomplish your goals. Your Network is your Net Worth
* Educate yourself. Don’t jump right in. Go to local REIA’s, find networking groups, read the right books. Don’t waste money on expensive weekend boot camps that over promise and hype up the concept of real estate investing as “Get Rich
Quick, Quit your Job ASAP.” That sets people up for failure and disappointment
* Write your goals down. Studies show more people accomplish there goals when they are written down
* Stop talking and Do It! Take Action when you are ready!

The show is only an hour so it is hard to hit all the habits, but these are good ones to follow. What are your good habits that help you accomplish your goals?

I am looking for the next time being on Jo’s show, which will be my 5th appearance and part of the 5 Timers Club (a play on SNL for the SNL fans out there!)

Check out the podcast: