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Memphis Ranked 4th Happiest City for New College Grads Seeking Jobs

In a recent article by Forbes, Memphis was ranked the 4th most attractive destination for college graduates seeking employment after they graduate.  The article is based on an analysis done by online career site, which looked at more than 140,000 data points from reviews submitted by employees with jobs that require less than two … keep reading

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USA Today study shows more people Renting than Buying.

The USA Today recently posted an article discussing how more American families are renting rather than buying.  This is an obvious consequence of the credit crisis and the housing bubble.   But, has renting single-family houses become the new American dream?  Renting may not seem as glamorous as buying,  but the risks and stress associated with … keep reading

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Why Buying Investment Property with High Interest Private Financing is Better Than Cash!

I read an article recently on Bigger Pockets about High Interest Rate Private Financing that I want to discuss.  We offer private financing options to our clients seeking a way to buy investment property with leverage, but a lot of people balk at the interest rate.  Borrowing money for buying investment property is becoming more … keep reading

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Jeremy Veldman Speaks at Talk Shoppe on Passive Investing- April 18, 2012

Jeremy Veldman spoke at Talk Shoppe- a local Memphis Business and Investing Group on the power of Passive Real Estate Investing.  In the talk, Jeremy analyzed a specific deal- 5144 Country View, a typical example of the types of properties Memphis Turnkey sells to investors.  Jeremy discussed how the “Blended ROI” of the property is … keep reading

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Memphis Ranks 2nd For Boomers To Retire, Study Says

According to The Memphis Business Journal, April 16, 2012- Memphis ranks as the second most-desirable destination for Baby Boomers to retire.  This is according to a study done by the Washington Economics Group, which analyzed boomer trends and preferences.  The study found that pending retirees should seek Southern college towns for the best combination of … keep reading

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