Real Estate Guys Memphis Investment Properties Bus Tour!

We were THRILLED to have The Real Estate Guys here in Memphis on March 2, 3, & 4 for their semi-annual Memphis Property Tour.  The event was jam-packed with excellent educational content designed to educate and empower investors to succeed in the Memphis, Tennessee market.  Memphis Turnkey was one of three property providers on hand to help educate and show available inventory to the investors on hand.

These events are a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Memphis market and learn from other investors.  We had the privilege of meeting some seasoned and savvy investors from around the country who have purchased many investment properties.  We also had the opportunity to meet beginning investors who were just getting started and looking to learn and get off to a solid start in their investing careers.  We all learned from each other and the spirit of shared-knowledge and camaraderie was absolutely fantastic.

Alex and Benolyn were fantastic in conducting the bus tour on Saturday, March 3.  Alex was able to educate investors on the ares in which we focus primarily on buying and our adopted philosophy of “Better Properties” in “Better Areas” that make “Better Investments.”

We showed 3 properties- 3289 Keats, 4762 Quintell, and 5626 Blackwell.  Each property was in a different stage of rehab and showed investors the rehab process as well as the finished product.  We also took them through our offices on Murray Road and enjoyed some light conversation over coffee, before heading out to The Bar-B-Q Shop for dinner!  Now is a fantastic time to be building wealth passively through Memphis Investment Properties and Memphis Turnkey is a premier company in the Memphis Market for acquiring and supplying Turnkey Cash-Flowing investment properties.

Finally, Russell Gray and Robert Helms were absolutely fantastic in delivering great content to the investors!  Their Real Estate Radio show continues to be the number 1 most-downloaded podcast on the Internet.  We enjoyed meeting with Robert and Russ back in February for our podcast on Private Lending and we had a great time with them here in March as well.  They truly recognize the opportunity that the Memphis market has to offer and how wealth can be built quickly thru Memphis Investment Properties.

Our next bus tour will be September 28 – 30, so stay tuned!