Memphis: America’s Aerotropolis

“There is a big shift happening in America right now at the very core of our society.  Very few people have caught on to this, but the city of Memphis is a FOCAL POINT for how savvy investors are positioning themselves.” – Bryan Ellis

“For the past three decades Memphis, TN has been known as America’s Distribution Center” – Memphis Chamber of Commerce

Some of you might be wondering “Why is Memphis such a hot market to invest in?”

    – Memphis is in the “Top Ten” cities to invest in real estate – Business 2.0
    – U.S. News and World Reports listed Memphis as #1 for real estate steals
    –  Memphis is one of the top 10 cities in economic recovery – Money Magazine

Let’s take a closer look at why Memphis is the “place to be”.

Said to be on the “brink of redefining global logistics” Memphis has become America’s premier Aerotropolis.

An Aerotropolis is when the CORE of a city’s urban layout and economic standing centers on an airport. Therefore Memphis International Airport is not just an airport for the common traveler; but a major distribution center for FedEx, UPS and USPS, earning the title of Largest Mail Processing Center in the World.  Memphis provides the perfect opportunity to move people AND 19.5 billion dollars worth of cargo around the ENTIRE world.

Located directly in the heart of this economic hub, Memphis’ Aerotropolis covers a tri-state area including Shelby County, Mississippi’s Desoto and Tunica Counties as well as Arkansas’s Crittenden County located across the Mississippi river and consists mostly of distribution centers, light manufacturing companies, large office buildings and a multitude of convention centers and centrally located hotels. Click here to see a map.

Memphis is the best example of an Aerotropolis because it allows immediate access to all four modes of transportation: roads, expressways, rail lines and the river; all within a 20 mile radius of Memphis International Airport:

Here is a quick breakdown of why Memphis is the premier Aerotropolis.

Runway Home to the busiest air cargo airport in North America since 1992
Road I-40 : the 3rd busiest trucking corridor in the United States and one of three major interstates in Memphis
Rail Memphis is home to five Class I railroads – BNSF, CSX, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National
River The Port of Memphis is the fourth largest inland port in the United States
Workforce 10.2% of Memphis’ workforce are employed as workers in transportation, warehousing and utilities – the highest share among the top 100 Largest Metro Areas in the U.S.
Table via Memphis Chamber of Commerce