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Are you in the market for investment properties in Little Rock? Turnkey Properties can assist! We are experts in turnkey properties within Little Rock, Arkansas, and nearby regions.

little rock investment properties

Regardless of your budget or cash flow objectives, we are here to help you secure a turnkey investment property. Our properties offer a range of rental rates and square footage across various locations in the Little Rock area. We'll work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and strive to find the ideal property that meets your needs.

Turnkey Properties provides a comprehensive real estate investing experience from beginning to end. Our primary aim is to assist you in building wealth through real estate investment. We'll aid you in locating the right investment property in Little Rock, manage any necessary upgrades or repairs, and assist in getting it rented via our property management partners.

Why Little Rock?

little rock investment properties

We launched our operations in Memphis in 2007 and chose to expand in 2012.

Facing an abundance of turnkey providers in various national markets, we ventured into Little Rock, Arkansas, where we were among the first to introduce turnkey investments.

“I continue to be impressed with the Turnkey Properties team! We have purchased two turnkey properties in Little Rock and both times they have provided a great house at a great price and with great property management.

They have been consistently professional and responsive during the purchase and property management phases, and we look forward to buying more.”

Jeff M.

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