Hernando do Soto and Us — Both Originators

In this picture, our Memphis team is 149 miles from our Little Rock office at the banks of the Mississippi River that separates Arkansas and Tennessee. It is actually symbolic that we are standing in front of  the bridge named after the Spanish conquistador Hernando Desoto, who was the first European to cross the Mississippi River. Like De Soto, our company was the first Turnkey Real Estate company to cross the Mississippi River into Little Rock, Arkansas to provide investment opportunities for investors all over the US and a few foreign countries too. I imagine Hernando de Soto was proud to say he was the first to cross the Mississippi and after 7 years of being in Little Rock and with few other companies following our lead, I can say we are proud to be the original Conquistador to explore and open up so many great single family and multi-family opportunities in Little Rock.

BTW, have you heard of Luis de Moscoso Alvarado? He was basically the next guy following Hernando de Soto’s lead in exploring across the Mississippi River. His lack of planning and experience lead to the demise of approximately 400 of his 600 men. Moral of the story, it is always good to align yourself with innovators who know the lay of the land. There are a few “Luis de Moscoso’s” operating in Little Rock, but only 1 “Hernando de Soto” and that is us. Our Little Rock team are life long residents of Little Rock with over 50 years of experience investing in their backyard. They know the lay of the land better then any out of state conquistador trying to learn the unique nuisances of each neighborhood.