Attached Units as Investments Homes – by Alex Craig

This week, 2 of our properties featured are attached housing, which means it shares a common wall with its neighboring home. These types of homes attract prospective residents that do not necessarily want the upkeep of a single family home, i.e., yard work & landscaping maintenance, but do not want to put up with the issues that comes with living in an apartment complex. The rent price point is typically higher then apartments, but less then single family homes, thus providing affordable housing to the individual who wants more than an apartment, but less then a house. As rents have gone up substantially since the pandemic, these types of homes are becoming more attractive to tenants. For our management company, the average time on market is 14 days less then our single-family homes. Your insurance policy would cover your dwelling in the event the neighboring tenant has a fire. Ongoing maintenance cost tends to be less expensive as the units tend to be smaller. Because they are smaller, capex items such as roof and HVAC are also less expensive to swap out.  As a company, we have done several of these over the years, including myself as I own 5 attached houses in Memphis.