Are you Considering Winter Weather in Your Market Evaluations? — by Alex Craig

Hi everyone, the message is going to be short this week as myself and another individual in our office are working through COVID. The office building in Memphis was shut down last Friday, but regardless, we would have needed to shut down due to the rare snow event that came through here. Our Little Rock office is also closed due to the same storm. Because Memphis and Little Rock is considered a sub-tropical region of the country, snow is rare. Like other markets that get snow routinely, we do not have to worry about the additional unplanned yearly maintenance and issues snow can cause. Such things are snapped frozen tree limbs, stress on your roof, ice dams when water pools along the roof and gutters, then freezes causing significant damage to gutters and shingles. With snow comes icy walkways creating a potential tenant fall situation. I am writing about it, thus it can happen, but this is the first significant snow fall in our markets in 2016 and even that snowfall was in and out in 48 hours. If you are evaluating other markets, check Memphis & Little Rock off from your “ongoing winter weather hazard-maintenance potential” issues box.