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Featured Client — Henry J

Taking care of our clients is the single most important aspect of our business once Memphis Turnkey completes a transaction and hands off that client to our in house property management company, CB Properties of Memphis. With most all of our clients being out state, we understand that quick and efficient communications back to our … keep reading

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Managing the ‘Baggage’ of Owning Property

By: Jeremy Veldman Some of you are still hesitating about whether or not to buy an investment property. It can be scary to buy a property out of state in a city/market where you don’t live and aren’t familiar with. Some of the obstacles in your mind are: what happens if the property doesn’t rent … keep reading

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What To Look For In A Turnkey Provider

By: Alex Craig Recently a forum was started on Bigger Pockets posted by an individuals just getting started and considering Turnkey Real Estate Investing. For those of you not familiar with Bigger Pockets, it is a fantastic social network website that is 100% dedicated to Real Estate Investing; I high recommend everyone join as the … keep reading

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