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Memphis Turnkey has been on local radio, various syndicated podcasts, and Moving America Forward hosted by William Shatner and The People's Court’s own Doug Llewelyn. Check back here for the latest media appearances by Memphis Turnkey or opt into the site by Requesting an Information Packet on the home page to join the Memphis Turnkey email list and stay up to date on their next media appearance.

Turnkey Renovation Process with Curt Davis and Alex Craig

Turnkey Renovation Process with Curt Davis and Alex Craig

podcastcrtdavis020smallerfinal“In this episode of Investor Talk Radio I talk with my good friend Alex Craig who is also a local turnkey provider in the Memphis, TN market. We discuss the process that goes into how we determine what repairs and upgrades will be made for our properties that we sell to investor buyers. Would an investor who is purchasing a property sacrifice $25 in monthly cash flow and 1%-2% in ROI to purchase a property with a better renovation with more improvements, or would they rather save a little on the price and still get a good renovation, just not as good as the alternative. All this and more will be discussed!! ”

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Memphis Turnkey on Moving America Forward

Moving America ForwardAlex Craig and Jeremy Veldman of Memphis Turnkey are featured on William Shatner’s ‘Moving America Forward.’ The show is a patriotic tribute to America’s finest entrepreneurs and successful business executives, within selected and designated markets throughout the United States.

Investor Talk Radio Episode 18

My Home is about to be Vacant, What Next with Alex Craig

podcastcrtdavis020smallerfinal“This episode of Investor Talk Radio I talk with Alex Craig, owner of CB Properties which is a local property management company in Memphis TN. Alex gives us an insight into the process his management company has set up from the time a tenant gives their 30 day notice to marketing and screening tenants. Considering most of Alex’s investor owners are out of state it is critical to have systems in place to make the transition from move out to move in as seamless as possible.”

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Investor Talk Radio Episode 2

Effective Property Management with Alex Craig Owner of CB Property Management

podcastcrtdavis020smallerfinal“Today we talk with Alex Craig, owner and founder of CB Property Management. Located in Memphis, TN, Alex and his wife Benolyn manage a mid-sized portfolio of homes for investors from around the country and several foreign countries. Alex will give us his insight on what it takes to effectively manage properties the right way and keep his clients satisfied.”

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