Traveling to Meet the Turnkey Team During a Pandemic


Although we are in difficult times to travel, if you are able to safely, we would love all our new and existing clients and those who are still on the fence to come visit us. Face-to-face or in today’s time, if necessary, mask-to-mask meetings are a fantastic way for both sides to develop the start of a great working relationships. If I did not want the personal touch and long term relationship, I would have decided to simply sell homes as Realtor instead of being a Turnkey provider where (in most cases) we own the property thus controlling 100% of the process or opted out starting a Property Management company, which is the marriage part of our business model. In my opinion, owning out of state properties successfully, especially if you are getting a loan, requires working with a company that has been around for 13+ years and has a plan for the next 13+ years.  The reason I say 13+ years is because we have conducted business before the housing crash, during the housing crash, post housing crash lending difficulties, hedge fund infiltration into the business and now inventory shortages. All of these scenarios have required tweeks in our business model to be able to service and position our clients for success. The Turnkey business model is not a one-time transaction; it is a long-term relationship and commitment as we want to be your local market real estate consultant for years to come. Besides meeting the team, other reasons to visit the team and market:

  • Trip that can be 100% written off
  • Understand the idiosyncrasies each market presents
  • Intro to the Property Mgmt software
  • Meet your Property Management point of contact
  • See our renovations. Understand why we do certain things
  • If you are already or in the process of being a client, you can visit the home, learning more about it, which helps you during your communications with your point of contact at the mgmt company
  • Get a free lunch!

If you can’t visit us, we can set up a Zoom meeting. Below are some of the clients we have met us in person.