The Mental Hurdle of Buying Out of State Property

One of the hurdles we often hear in the Turnkey industry as a barrier to entry is getting over the mental state of buying long distant property. It is natural to be nervous, but when done correctly, you can safely build your income producing portfolio in the areas that make sense for your strategy, rather then being limited to the real estate investing opportunities in your backyard. I heard a industry pier once compare buying out of state property is no different then buying stock in a company as we don’t tour factories, offices and meet executive leadership when buying stock in companies. While I disagree with the  main concept of that statement, the basis of it is correct. The advantage we do offer is the ability to meet our staff, visit our projects, houses and talk to the property management company. Travel during a pandemic is not easy, but tools such as Zoom allow individuals considering using our company to meet everyone via that platform.  If you are able to visit Little Rock or Memphis, we would love to have you, but if you can’t, we can do an Zoom. The core foundations of our business and role of our team is to give you the professional experience, accountability and high-level customer service for you to be comfortable with investing out state. We look forward to all the new relationships we build with each property sale.