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Our turnkey business model is a streamlined process that allows us to purchase, rehab and offer more than 100 cash flow investment properties a year to our investors. At the core, we sell investors income-producing properties by acquiring properties, rehabbing them, placing a tenant and providing ongoing support to our investors through excellent Property Management.

Some insight into this process:

Acquisitions: We acquire distressed properties in areas that fit our business model through multiple channels. These channels include foreclosures, auction sites, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), wholesalers, motivated owners and probate.

Renovation: This is where we lead in our market. Each home we acquire needs some level of rehab, some greater than others. We rehab each home to the top of retail standards for the area, so that our upgrades bring the home to the highest market value for that area. Our rehabs are designed to reduce maintenance and vacancy through our quality upgrades.

Tenant Placement: We utilize leasing agents and polished online marketing to attract potential tenants into our homes. Through tenant screening and underwriting, our goal is to place the best qualified tenants into our homes.

Property Management: We provide in-house property management to operate the day-to-day activities of your home so that you do not have to, including tenant placement, maintenance, rental collection, rental distribution, accounting for each individual property, year-end tax returns and everything else in the middle. Our goal is to make the investment as seamless as possible for you.

Ongoing Support: The turnkey model is not a one-time transaction. It is a relationship business where we provide you with an income-producing property and continued ongoing support. We consider ourselves your real estate advisor in the markets in which we operate. We encourage all our investors to come visit us as our door is always open.