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Innovative Real Estate Investment

Turnkey Properties changes the way you invest in real estate.

Our remarkable process allows you to maximize your cash flow while we handle the hard work.

What’s Turnkey Real Estate?

If you want to invest in property, but the thought of time constraints, financing, and renovations feel overwhelming, we’ll make this easy.

Our streamlined Turnkey business model lets us purchase, rehab, and offer more than 200 cash flow investment properties a year.


It works, and here’s how:

1. Acquire

We find distressed properties in Memphis and Little Rock and acquire the ones that fit our business model. We leverage the best channels, including:

  • Foreclosures
  • Auction sites
  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Wholesalers
  • Motivated owners
  • Probate

2. Renovate

We’ll rehab your houses to the top area retail standard, elevating the home to the highest market value. We design our renovations to reduce maintenance and vacancy and increase your cash flow.

You’ll reduce your risk and achieve consistent cash flow because our thorough renovations address:

  • Fixing deferred maintenance items.
  • Replacing CapEx items at the end of their lifespan for the area.
  • Adding aesthetically-pleasing finishes to attract tenants quickly.

3. Place the Best Tenants

We attract potential tenants using leasing agents and polished online marketing, and leasing platforms like ShowMojo.

Our sound screening and underwriting make sure we find and place qualified tenants in your homes.

Investment Properties

4. Manage Your Property

After closing, you get our 5-star, in-house property management services. We’ll handle the day-to-day activities of your home so that you don’t have to, including:

  • Tenant placement
  • Maintenance
  • Rental collection
  • Rental distribution
  • Accounting for all of your individual properties
  • Year-end tax preparation
  • Everything else in the middle!

5. You Collect a Check Every Month

Our process makes your investment as seamless as possible.

6. Ongoing Support

The turnkey model is not a one-time transaction. We value our relationship, so enjoy your income-producing properties and our continued support.

In fact, we encourage all our investors to stop by our offices, and our door is always open for questions and concerns.

We’re your real estate adviser in the Memphis and Little Rock markets, and investors have grown their portfolios with us since 2011.

Self-Sustaining Property

A self-sustaining property will not need any further out-of-pocket costs during the first year of ownership.

This is what we do to position you for an S.S.P.:

  • No lease-up fee for the initial tenant after purchase; we feel this is part of the turnkey service.
  • If the home is vacant beyond 60 days after purchase, we will pay your mortgage until that home is cash flowing. (Effective 1-1-2019)
  • 90- and 180-day warranties after purchase start when the tenant moves in (90 days within the four walls of the home; 180 days on the HVAC).
  • Screen and underwrite tenants to avoid costly evictions.
  • Provide homes we renovate to a high standard by licensed contractors with deferred items addressed.
Turnkey cashflow properties

How the Purchasing Process Works

Here’s our typical purchasing process, and you’ll see many “we” steps and very few for “you.”

That’s because we handle everything we can to make this process seamless for you!

Once your property is under contract, your transaction coordinator will set up a project in our Podio, our software platform. This project management tool will show you each step, from contract to close.

From Contract to Close

  • If you’re utilizing financing, get pre-approved.
    • We have preferred lenders specializing in investment loans, so ask us for these valuable references.
  • Pick your property from our weekly email listing
    • Email or call to get on an email list for the home.
  • We’ll set up a step-by-step process on Podio, invite you to the project, and send you a contract via DocuSign.
    • Click through, and the contract will automatically send back to us.
  • Send earnest money with the wiring instructions we’ll provide in Podio.
  • We’ll send the contract to your lender and upload it to Podio.
  • Once renovations are complete, we’ll schedule a home inspection for you.
    • We can give you our preferred list, or you can pick your own; either way is fine with us!
    • When that report comes back, we’ll mark it up, share it with you on Podio, and make the necessary repairs.
    • We typically fix 90% or more of items on the report.
  • We’ll schedule your termite inspection.
    • Again, we can line this up with our termite company, or you can pick your own.
  • We’ll work with the lender’s appraiser to provide access to the property.
  • We’ll review the closing documents to ensure they are accurate with accurate rent pro-rations.
  • Our closing attorney will set up a mobile notary for you to sign the closing documents.
  • Once the original documents from your mobile notary arrive at the title company, the property is yours!
    • This is typically by the following day.
  • Our investment coordinator will set you up and introduce you to property management.
Little Rock Turnkey Properties

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