The Importance of a Company Mission Statement — by Alex Craig

The Importance of a Mission Statement

Great companies start with a vision or mission statement that provides a short summary of that company’s purpose, how and why they do what they do. These simple statements or phrases guide a company’s values and provide it with purpose. That purpose, in turn, orients every decision employees and executives make. When they are deeply authentic and prominently displayed, good mission statements will help align customers to it’s brand as they will be able to see that company living it’s statement. Our Mission Statement was developed in 2013 when we were the first Turnkey company to open up the Little Rock market. Our statement as written is discussed each week in our team meetings; accomplishing the Mission Statement is why we are in the business. Most of the time, the properties operate just fine, but to fulfill our mission, over the years we have eaten over $500,000 in warranty items so that we can feel confident knowing we fulfilled our Mission Statement.

Our Mission Statement

To be the premier turnkey supplier of cash flow properties through providing investors in the US and around the World a way to passively invest in stable, cash flowing real estate, by focusing internally on customer service and renovations that will reduce vacancy and maintenance, and ultimately reduce our investors risk. Our simple formula for success is to provide the Right Properties in good areas with quality rehabs within the Right Markets that provide sustainable cash flow and having the Right Property Management that will operate the property in the investors best interest.