Choosing the Right Team

I find photos interesting in many ways, but what I really enjoy about them are how they capture an exact moment in time or unexpected moments that come and go with the blink of the eye. When I look at some of my older photos, I can recall clearly that moment of time and the story behind the photo. Then there are those times where I see a photo and have to guess the backstory.  As is the case in the photo above shot in the fall of 2019. I have no idea what we are were laughing about, but I recall the good time we had that day being out of the office doing the photo shoot around Memphis. Really, it doesn’t matter what we are laughing about, it only matters that we were laughing and having a good time, which is important in building any business. Teams that work together and enjoy being around each other can just about overcome any obstacle. I truly believe the success, growth and sustainability for years to come for our company will be achieved by building great teams who have bought into the core philosophies here. The biggest mistake an out of state investor can make is hooking up with the wrong team.  As a turnkey real estate and property management company, until Elon Musk invents robots with AI that can replace us, we are all human and will make mistakes. It is how we react and own those mistakes during or after the sale. Unless you are flipping houses in the manner they do at HGTV, which is much harder then it looks, Rental Property Real Estate is a long term investment, which is another important reason to hook up with the right people. If you have never met us, if you can, even during these crazy times, I encourage you to visit our offices in Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN to meet the team you want to grow and manage your real estate portfolio.