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SOLD — 5919 W. 19th, Little, Rock AR (Multi-Family 12 Plex)

Complete Details Inside the Listing. See Property Offering Link

  • Price: $699,500
  • Bed/Bath: 24/18

More Frequently Asked Questions from VIP Clients

We get a lot of questions from international clients regarding the process of investing in the United States.  Below is a follow up to “5 Things International Citizens must know when Purchasing U.S. Properties” and answers actual questions asked by one of our prospective clients. Our goal at Memphis Turnkey is to help YOU in … keep reading

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USA Today study shows more people Renting than Buying.

The USA Today recently posted an article discussing how more American families are renting rather than buying.  This is an obvious consequence of the credit crisis and the housing bubble.   But, has renting single-family houses become the new American dream?  Renting may not seem as glamorous as buying,  but the risks and stress associated with … keep reading

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Depreciation- One of the Greatest Benefits of Rental Property!

When purchasing investment property, most people focus on the benefits of cash flow and passive income.  However, there’s an even greater benefit that is often overlooked and not completely understood, until you’ve owned property for a period of time- Depreciation.  Simply put, depreciation allows you to write off the buildings and improvements over a period … keep reading

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