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More Frequently Asked Questions from VIP Clients

We get a lot of questions from international clients regarding the process of investing in the United States.  Below is a follow up to “5 Things International Citizens must know when Purchasing U.S. Properties” and answers actual questions asked by one of our prospective clients. Our goal at Memphis Turnkey is to help YOU in … keep reading

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Memphis Turnkey Teams Up With Sterling Trust for IRA Investing

Memphis Turnkey and Sterling Trust have teamed up to provide self-directed IRA Investing services exclusively for Memphis Turnkey clients.  Sterling Trust is an affiliate of Equity Trust Company- only smaller and more intimate- so the process is more streamlined.  This enables us to more rapidly direct new investors, seeking to investing in Real Estate in … keep reading

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Why Buying Investment Property with High Interest Private Financing is Better Than Cash!

I read an article recently on Bigger Pockets about High Interest Rate Private Financing that I want to discuss.  We offer private financing options to our clients seeking a way to buy investment property with leverage, but a lot of people balk at the interest rate.  Borrowing money for buying investment property is becoming more … keep reading

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