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Jeremy Veldman and Alex Craig were featured in this July 23, 2013 Episode of ‘Moving America Forward’, hosted by William Shatner (a.k.a. ‘Captain Kirk’).  The show is a patriotic tribute to America’s finest entrepreneurs and successful business executives, within select and designated markets throughout the United States.

See the Full Show Below:

Doug Llewelyn (famous for “The People’s Court” in the ’80’s) interviews Alex and Jeremy about their business in Residential Redevelopment within the Memphis market.  The show highlights the Memphis Turnkey business model and shows examples of some of the houses we’ve done recently including 2792 Elmore Park- a premium 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Bartlett, TN.  The video shows the dramatic transformation that our investment houses undergo after they have been fully rehabbed.

William Shatner opens the the show and has a brief conversation with Jeremy Veldman.  Following is an open discussion in a News Reel Format between Doug Llewelyn, Alex Craig, and Jeremy Veldman.  The show concludes with Alex accepting the ‘Admiral Kevin F Delaney award’- recognizing the outstanding work that Memphis Turnkey Properties is doing in their respective market.

‘Moving America Forward’ is a TV show that highlights the work that selected entrepreneurs and small businesses are doing to help revitalize America after the latest Great Recession.  In times of economic crisis, it is the entrepreneurs of our nation who lead the way in ‘Moving America Forward.’


The show was broadcast at 9:00 AM EST on YouToo in selected markets across the country.

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