There was a time when our investors would come to us, develop a relationship, and purchase all of their investment properties with us in one market. This strategy made sense then because regardless of the area, real estate prices were at the bottom. As the housing recovery evolved and prices gradually rose, investors became more strategic with their acquisitions by spreading their portfolios across several markets. This strategy allows a real estate portfolio to be more risk–adverse; if one market sees a downturn, it will not affect the entire portfolio. This made sense for our investors and for us as well. We started in Memphis in 2007, and in 2012 we made the decision to enter another market. We looked at several markets across the country, finding many of them oversaturated with turnkey providers, and desired to be a pioneer rather than a “me too” company. Little Rock, AR provided everything we were looking for in a second market.

Why Invest in Multiple Markets?

  1. Diversify portfolio
  2. Hedge against local economy changes
  3. Purchase both in markets looking for appreciation and linear markets for consistent cash flow
  4. Capitalize on unique advantages that another market may not have. For example, more local commercial lenders are available in Little Rock than in Memphis that can assist with continuing your acquisitions after you hit Fannie & Freddie limits