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[quote style=”1″]Hi Alex and Jeremy,

Thanks for making the purchase of my properties and transition to property management so smooth. Each step on the way your company did an excellent job of servicing my requests and queries without delay or me following up repeatedly.  I am hoping  the same level of service will continue with your  property management as well.
Muthu Vela


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[quote style=”1″]The rental home we purchased through Memphis Turnkey has been one of our most reliable income properties. The work that CB Property Management has done is top notch. We count them as one of the best property management companies we have worked with. It has been a wonderful experience working with both Memphis Turnkey and CB Property Management.

Keep up the great work!


Lance and Gwen Carpenter,
St. Louis, Missouri

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[quote style=”1″]Thank you Benolyn, I just wanted to tell you that you were correct when we signed our agreement, you are the best property managers! I am extremely pleased. I have had some horrifying (no pun on Halloween intended) experiences in Memphis.

Thank you again,


Marvin Rios- Corning Ave

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[quote style=”1″]I purchased two properties from Memphis Turnkey in late 2013 and couldn’t be happier! With it being my first time investing out of state I wanted to visit the area and actually see the properties I was buying. Memphis Turnkey made it very comfortable for me and even took me out to lunch to eat the world famous Memphis barbecue and for a tour of the city and areas they invest in.

One property should be bringing in around $363 per month in cash flow after management fees and the other was rented when we bought it and is bringing in $408 per month cash flow after management expenses. I heard Memphis is great for cash flow and now I’m seeing the proof. On top of that, the customer service has been phenomenal!

I would highly recommend Memphis Turnkey for any RE investor looking to make a better return on their investment. [/quote]

John Ivicevic,
Phoenix, AZ

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[quote style=”1″]I believe that you can learn a lot about a company when things don’t go according to plan.

I purchased my first home in Memphis through Memphis Turnkey Properties in early 2013, and encountered an unexpected problem right away when the tenant terminated his lease during my first month of ownership. Memphis Turnkey Properties handled this situation in a very professional manner, keeping me updated at each step along the way, and provided a new tenant right away (at no fee to me).

I was so impressed with how they handled it, I purchased four more homes from Memphis Turnkey Properties later this year. I strongly endorse Alex, Jeremy, Benolyn and their team![/quote]

Jonathan Morse,
Boston, MA

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[quote style=”1″]I have had the opportunity to work with Memphis Turnkey for two of my properties. It was an absolute pleasure to work with their team and I am very happy with the level of efficiency and integrity that they have. The homes were fully rehabbed and rented and the closings were very quick. I will absolutely refer them to other investors who are looking for turnkey providers in the number one cash flow city of Memphis.[/quote]
Essie Numminen,
Las Vegas NV

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[quote style=”1″]Hi Steve,

Below is feedback in regards to my experience working with Alex and Jeremy to acquire my first two investment properties out of state.

The home on Village Drive was very close to rent ready and required minimal work.
The home on La Grange Hill required some minor rehab and some additional work to make it rent ready. At the end of the renovation, they delivered on all their promises in an agreed upon time frame.

Alex was flexible in regards to the dates listed on the purchase agreement by offering extensions to accommodate the delays in financing.
Jeremy was available in regards to the rehab work and providing videos showing the progress of the work being completed throughout the process.

I would characterize them as professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable and executing a strategic plan in a competitive landscape.

I am glad that I flew out from California and met the both of them. I was able to preview the different micro markets and neighborhoods in person. They were both gracious hosts and added a lot of value for me as a new investor. I was able to meet all my goals for my initial visit in just 2 days in Memphis. I am very satisfied with the cash flow I am receiving from these two investment properties.

I would recommend anyone that is inquiring about a Local Market specialist to leverage their professional services.[/quote]
Jason Hunt

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[quote style=”1″]I am in Australia and have bought 2 properties through Alex and have found him to be responsive to all my concerns.  I first started investing in US properties through an Australian company and bought one property through them. I have since transferred the Property Management to Alex and Benolyn. They refurbished it and have since leased the property.   Benolyn and Alex do what they say they are going to do with little to no prompting from me and respond to my emails same day.  My parents recently holidayed in the States and Alex and Benolyn took them to the two properties that we had at the time. The feed back from my parents was very positive on their integrity and on the properties.  We have purchased two with Alex and one through another supplier. I plan to purchase more in the future though Alex.[/quote]


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[quote style=”1″]My wife Debra and I purchased two investment properties in Memphis. During this process we dealt directly with the principal of this organisation, Mr Jeremy Veldman whom we found to be extremely professional, helpful and supportive whilst delivering services with a high level of honesty and integrity. Further, Jeremy continued to offer his after sales support by providing us with assistance and advice with regard to property management and access to his network of maintenance technicians.

Being Australian residents with little knowledge of the real estate investment property market in the USA it was reassuring to have advice that was both reliable and accurate. These investments continue to achieve the return on investments quoted.

Debra and I offer this testimonial willingly and with no hesitation. We also wish Jeremy all the best in his future business activities.[/quote]

Len Bain

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[quote style=”1″]We have purchased two properties to date from Alex and Benolyn.  While we did this without physically inspecting the properties first, we were supplied with photos and building reports, etc.  Subsequent to the purchase we visited Memphis and spent a whole day with Alex & Benolyn.  We inspected the exteriors of our two properties and found that they were accurately described to us prior to purchase.  We did not inspect the interiors as both were tenanted and we did not want to disturb our tenants.  We did inspect several of their other houses and were impressed with the work they had done and their standard of finish.  We have bought 2 properties to date and will be buying more.  We have purchased houses in three cities in the US (Atlanta, Memphis & Kansas City).  We are happy will all our purchases but the best houses and service have come from Alex & Benolyn.[/quote]

Jack Kraan, Narre Warren, Victoria

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[quote style=”1″]I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex and Benolyn Craig for their help in allowing me to start investing in real estate. I originally knew very little about real estate, but understood that today’s market provided a very attractive opportunity to invest. From the start, Alex struck me as being a very honest and trustworthy individual. I managed to overcome my cold feet, and took the leap by investing in a rental property recommended by Alex. I found that just about everything Alex told me about how the deal would unfold did happen as he said it would. In the end, I had a property giving a good cash flow ($400 per month), with not too much out of pocket. I was so pleased with this deal, that I invested in a second property with the same cash flow and even less out of pocket. I have also found Benolyn to be very helpful on the property management side- willing and able to answer all my questions. I highly recommend Memphis Turnkey to anyone looking to invest in the Memphis area, and look forward to being able to purchase my third property with their help.[/quote]

Michael Kantor- Investor, Southern California.

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[quote style=”1″]I bought a fixer property from Alex Craig in Memphis, it was priced very fair and we had no “surprises” after the sale or during the rehab. Alex offered a fixer price and a rehabbed price, I chose the fixer because I already had a contractor working in Memphis on another property. Everything was as Alex represented, which is rare in the fixer market- lots of slick marketing & promises and few people standing behind their properties. We were able to fill the property within a month of rehab in the rent range that Alex had estimated. I look forward to buying more properties from Alex Craig.[/quote]

Chris Jones- Investor, San Diego.

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[quote style=”1″]It is an absolute pleasure working with Alex Craig. He is very knowledgeable in the Memphis market and has been able to show his clients quality returns on their investments. He outlines the complete process of finding, purchasing, improving, and refinancing a rental property for his clients and is in constant communication with them. He does his best to stay current on all of the changes to the mortgage guidelines. I look forward to future work with Alex and his clients, and hope to expand our referral network.[/quote]

Valerie Pedigo- Residential Lender, Panama, NY.

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[quote style=”1″]I wanted to let everyone know that I purchased my first investment property through Alex Craig. He found the property for me and I was able to get the house with almost no money out of my pocket! This property gave me an instant equity of $30,000 plus a positive cash flow of over $300 per month! Alex has been a joy to work with and I intend on doing more deals with him in the future. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of investing in real estate.[/quote]

Todd Bunger- Investor, Watauga, TX.

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[quote style=”1″]I bought a Memphis property from Alex in December. This was my third rental in Memphis and, to date, it is my best deal. Total of $48k all-in cost with a rent of $925. The Craig’s probably could have gotten me $950, but I got a little over anxious to get it rented out. Anyway, it was pretty much a “50% rule” deal. The Craig’s are natives of Memphis and obviously know their way around, and which areas to invest in. They have made me comfortable investing in Memphis from WAAAAAY out of state in Hawaii.[/quote]

Tom Cullen- Investor, Hawaii.