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S.S.P. stands for self-sustaining property. This means that once you buy a property, our goal for you is that the property is self-sustaining and you will not have to add further out-of-pocket cost into the home during that first year. During that first year, we want you to buy a property and use the cash flow earned to operate the home, not use any additional funds to make repairs or pay mortgage commitments. A non-S.S.P. would mean a negative return and additional capital during that first year, when you are supposed to be building your reserves. Far too often, we see investors buy turnkey homes from other less-defined turnkey companies who struggle the first year and play catch-up due to extended vacancy and immediate maintenance to get back on the profitable side of their income statement.

This is what we do to best position our investors for an S.S.P.

  • No lease-up fee for the initial tenant after purchase; we feel this is part of the turnkey service
  • If the home is vacant beyond 60 days immediately after purchase, we will pay your mortgage until that home is cash flowing (Effective 1-1-2019)
  • 90-/180-day warranty following the purchase that starts when the tenant moves in (90 days within the four walls of the home; 180 days on the HVAC)
  • Screen and underwrite tenants to avoid costly evictions
  • Provide homes that are renovated to a high standard with deferred items addressed