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Through our turnkey business model, acquiring your first cash flow property is easy and seamless for our investors. For first-time clients, we recommend a phone consultation to confirm our business model fits your investment goals and facilitate the opportunity to ask questions.

When a property is put under contract, our Investment Coordinator will set up a project in Basecamp, our preferred project management website. This tool will lay out each step from contract to close and through to Property Management.

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The typical process is outlined in the steps below. Notice there are a lot of “we” and very little of “you.” In other words, we handle everything we can to make this process seamless for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of your day-to-day life.

  1. If utilizing financing, get pre-approved. We have preferred lenders who specialize in investment loans. Please inquire directly to us for these lenders.
  2. Select your property from our website by emailing or calling us.
  3. We will set up a step-by-step process on and invite you to the project.
  4. We will send you a contract via Docusign. Simply click through and the contract is automatically sent back to us.
  5. Send earnest money to Saddle Creek Title (we recommend this title company as we have set up low closing costs for our investors).
  6. We will send the contract to your lender and upload to Basecamp.
  7. We will schedule a home inspection for you. We can give you a list to interview or you can pick your own; either way is fine with us. When that report comes back, we will mark it up, share it with you on Basecamp, and make the necessary repairs. We typically fix 90% or more of items that show up on the report.
  8. We will schedule your termite inspection. Again, we can line this up with our termite company or you can pick your own.
  9. We will work with the lender’s appraiser to provide access to the property.
  10. We will review the closing documents to make sure they are correct and the rent pro-rations are accurate.
  11. Your lender will set up a mobile notary for you to sign the closing documents, and they will send the signed package to Saddle Creek Title.
  12. Once the original documents from your mobile notary arrive at Saddle Creek Title, then the property is yours! Typically this is the following day.
  13. Our Investment Coordinator will set you up and introduce you with Property Management.

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