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According to The Memphis Business Journal, April 16, 2012- Memphis ranks as the second most-desirable destination for Baby Boomers to retire.  This is according to a study done by the Washington Economics Group, which analyzed boomer trends and preferences.  The study found that pending retirees should seek Southern college towns for the best combination of cost of living, climate, health care, recreation, and other top priorities that retirees seek.

The Washington Economics Group did scientific comparisons of 20 prospective ideal boomer retirement communities and found Memphis to be second only to No. 1 Tallahassee, Florida.  The findings are based on the report: “Best Choice for Retiring Boomers: Head South – An Analysis of Selected U.S. Cities“, which builds on a major survey of retirement relocation preferences recently conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research.  According to this survey, 33% of baby boomers would relocate to another state to find the conditions they seek for retirement, namely, a mid-sized down, a pleasant, warm climate with a hint of winter, a favorable tax rate, recreation, low cost of living, and top quality health care.

Memphis has one of the best health care centers in the country and an affordable cost of living standard.  Also, with the exception of the occasional hot summer, Memphis also has a favorable year-round climate with very little winter weather.  The surrounding areas also offer many choices for places to live and recreational activities.

Behind Tallahassee and Memphis in the top 10 were Athens, Ga.,; Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Atlanta; Oxford, Miss. and Charleston, S.C. (tied); Louisville, Ky.; and Richmond, Va., and Pittsburgh, Pa. (tied).

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