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This past weekend “The Real Estate Guys” were in town and hosted their semi-annual Memphis Field Trip- an event that featured over 30 investors from around the world.  Memphis Turnkey was one of the hosts and preferred vendors of the event.  The 3 day seminar was held from September 28 – 30 and was a weekend JAM PACKED with great information on the Memphis market!  The turnout for the event was absolutely FANTASTIC and featured investors from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels.  The Real Estate Guys always do a phenomenal job of organizing the event and focusing on “Education for Effective Action” and not just making the event a “fly and buy” (no HARD SELL here!).

On Saturday, investors got a chance to tour the city of Memphis and see the highlights.  Memphis Turnkey hosted the afternoon portion of the tour and showed investors the neighborhoods where we invest and the types of houses we buy.  We viewed houses in all stages of the renovation- from “as is” pre-rehab, to finished and retail ready.  Investors got a chance to see the “Better Neighborhoods” we focus on- Raleigh-Bartlett, Bartlett, Cordova, and got an education into B class neighborhoods and the advantages of “Better Properties” in “Better Areas” for consistent performance, tenant longevity, and less turnover that makes “Better Investments!”

On Saturday night, we had a chance to hang out in the heart of Memphis- Beale Street!  Where we all had a chance to experience a taste of the Memphis culture!  Sunday was a fantastic educational day where Robert and Russ gave great content-rich presentations on investing in Memphis- the benefits, pitfalls, obstacles to overcome, and opportunity!  We wrapped up the day eating barbecue (a Memphis institution!) and presenting investors an overlook of our business.  Alex and Jeremy of Memphis Turnkey presented in the afternoon and gave everyone a look into our business, how we work, where to find details of our available properties, property management, and our upcoming website!

The event was absolutely FANTASTIC and the best one we’ve done yet!  The Real Estate Guys really did a tremendous job of organizing the event, bring the best and brightest investor clients in, providing quality education, and keeping the weekend tight and organized.  The event is held semi-annually (in the fall and spring of each year) and is intended to give investors a look into the Memphis market and an opportunity to learn the ropes of how to invest remotely in other markets by working with Turnkey providers- such as Memphis Turnkey properties.

“The Real Estate Guys” have a weekly podcast on iTunes that is the #1 most-downloaded podcast on Real Estate education.  Past guests of the show have included: Robert Kiyosaki (best-selling author, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”), Donald Trump, billionaire Steve Forbes, money manager Peter Schiff, and many more!  Alex and Jeremy were guests on “The Real Estate Guys” Radio Show on February 26, 2012.  The Real Estate Guys have discussed Memphis as a premier market for cash flow for some time now.

For more information on The Real Estate Guys weekly podcast, visit-

We look forward to our next event with Robert and Russ next Spring!!