Turnkey is a commonly-used term in our industry that describes providing properties to investors with some additional level of services. With each turnkey provider being slightly different, it is reasonable that “turnkey” means something different to each turnkey company selling homes. Our goal is to take turnkey to the highest level for our investors. So what does that mean? These are the qualities we feel are necessary to be a superior turnkey provider.

  • Upon purchase, no tenant placement fee for your first tenant as that is part of the turnkey service
  • Provide the highest quality property to minimize hassles for investors and maximize cash flow through our Renovation Philosophy (click on the link to learn more about this)
  • Have a clear business model and plan and do not stray from it
  • Run a professional business that is adequately staffed to service our investors, enabling them to meet their long-term real estate goals
  • Develop long-term relationships with our clients and always be accessible
  • Be the local real estate advisor for our clients, alerting them of pertinent information within our market
  • Provide excellent Property Management with exceptional customer service to our tenants and investors