Henry J


Name: Henry J
Occupation: Product Development
Family: Wife with 2 children
Properties Owned Nationwide: 7 total nationwide. 2 through Memphis Turnkey in their Memphis market and looking for more soon.

What was your process selection in Memphis?

    I visited 4 other Turnkey providers in Memphis and felt you all provided the best customer service and product. I liked the quality of rehab of your houses as well as the property selection

What do you like best about working with a Turnkey provider?

    The best part is the time invested. Working with a Turnkey provider, I do not need to find a contractor, source deals and decide what to put into each individual property.

What has your Property Management experience been?

    The most important thing to me from my property manager is placing the right tenant and communication. With CB Properties, 18 months into my investment, tenant placement has been wonderful. You all are very good at communicating quickly. I like how my Account Manager sends me an email right when there is a maintenance issue letting me know what the problem is and what needs to be done. When the maintenance issue is complete, I can go to my portal, see the vendors invoice and any materials he may have bought, plus before and after pictures of the repair. You all are the only Property Manager that I work with that is clearly transparent on your maintenance cost.

5 Quick Questions & Answers?

    1. Did the properties have tenants in place at time of closing? Yes
    2. Was the property rented within the rent range quoted? Yes
    3. Are your tenants making or breaking the investment? Making
    4. Did your property appraise at or above the sales price? Yes
    5. Were the necessary repairs made from your property inspection? Yes