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SOLD — 5919 W. 19th, Little, Rock AR (Multi-Family 12 Plex)

Complete Details Inside the Listing. See Property Offering Link

  • Price: $734,500
  • Bed/Bath: 24/18

Managing the ‘Baggage’ of Owning Property

By: Jeremy Veldman Some of you are still hesitating about whether or not to buy an investment property. It can be scary to buy a property out of state in a city/market where you don’t live and aren’t familiar with. Some of the obstacles in your mind are: what happens if the property doesn’t rent … keep reading

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What To Look For In A Turnkey Provider

By: Alex Craig Recently a forum was started on Bigger Pockets posted by an individuals just getting started and considering Turnkey Real Estate Investing. For those of you not familiar with Bigger Pockets, it is a fantastic social network website that is 100% dedicated to Real Estate Investing; I high recommend everyone join as the … keep reading

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The Importance of Picking The Right Team

In my last two articles I discussed why the area is more important than the house and I discussed the dangers of over emphasizing the returns on a Pro Forma.   In those articles, I have determined the importance of a well-renovated home in a great area which, in essence, is what Memphis Turnkey Properties and … keep reading

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